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Type: hay rack

 Hey Human! Do you want to reduce hay waste? Do you deeply wish for your bunny to always have a tidy bedroom? Are you tired of seeing those little dark balls everywhere? Be honest: you are looking for "something" special and unique that can solve the inconveniences of living with a rabbit without sacrificing the beauty and the practicality of your home… and all of this with the utmost respect for its tremendous lapine nature ;-)

There are so many needs, but here at the den we have the right solution for you: it’s our Hay Rack Leda.
It is a real furnishing accessory, designed to set up any rabbit's bedroom perfectly, even when located in the living room of the most demanding Bunnylover.
You will love it because it can be personalized with your bunny's name, it protects your home from any dirt, respecting the animal's natural behavior: it is perfect for making your living together an easy and rewarding love story.
Your furry friend will instantly learn how to use it and your heart will be filled with joy seeing your pet carefully selecting its favorite strands of hay from the holes of the dispenser and (almost miraculously) dropping the rest into the container below, without scattering the remains on the floor.
You and your little one will fall in love with our Hay Rack Leda at first sight, because it allows your bunny to live "like a happy rabbit", respecting humans’ normal domestic cleaning needs. For a peaceful and stress-free life.

I consigli di Esther:
“Un coniglio davvero felice ha una “cameretta” tutta sua, arredata con amore ed attenzione ❤︎ Un vero Bunnylover lo sa: ogni coniglietto molto amato merita uno spazio speciale, pensato per mangiare e fare i bisogni nello stesso momento 😉”


  • This product is decorated with motifs inspired by the luckiest of the plants, the four-leaf clover: a good little lucky charm for both humans and rabbits
  • Litter box size: 33 x 49 x 12h cm
  • Haymaker size: 33 x 12 x 34,5h cm
  • Tray: 40 x 30 x 10h cm (available in 4 colors: we will send you an email to choose your favorite once the purchase is made)***
  • Materials: PP tray, litter box and hayloft in 15 mm thick solid fir wood
  • Digital printing customization**
  • Weight: 5kg
  • We think about your comfort, that’s why the haymaker does not require any assembling.
  • Designed & handmade in Italy with PEFC certified fir wood, it is a concentration of love and style that adds beauty to the environment of your home!
  • Our work is dedicated to the most special couple in the world: Human and Rabbit ❤︎ Life Gets Better Together

*We chose the Ikea Trofast tray for our hay racks because it is easily cleanable (using a wet or dry cloth) and sanitizable. If necessary, you can replace the original tray by purchasing a new one in all Ikea stores, nationally and internationally.
**If you prefer not to customize your hay rack, please write “No, thanks" in the “Name” field.

❤︎ Inside the package you will also find:

  • a trial package of our dedusted hay
  • an absorbent mat
  • a mini size of 515 grams of Love (30gr)
  • a pack of dried apple (30g)
  • a pack of raisins (30g)
  • 4 furniture felt pads - apply under the litter box to avoid scratches on the floor
  • sandpaper, for the ordinary maintenance of the hay rack


Hay Rack Leda is a customized item: once you place an order, Martina and Alessia will contact you to agree on the colors and graphics of the print.




515grammi designs, creates and distributes its products responsibly: we work along with manufactures at 0 kms, with Italian excellences, cooperatives of disabled boys and girls and with small, family-run businesses.

Our assemblies are all manual (and made with love) and we employ raw materials that are certified, organic and untreated.

But it doesn't end here: every year, 1% of our turnover is donated to charity to ABA - Associazione Benessere Animale Onlus, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving ownerless animals in need of care.

We are happy to support this extraordinary association.

ABA Onlus is dedicated to the well-being of all animals, in the purpose of providing them a dignified and happy existence though:

  • Bringing life-saving veterinary care

  • Carrying out concrete projects for the protection of endangered species

  • Actively collaborating with recovery centers, institutions, organizations and non-profit associations

  • Promoting the diffusion of a conscious and scientifically based culture, training students, volunteers and professionals who work with animals directly.

ABA has been saving the lives of many animals forgotten by man since 2007 and is founded on the Right to Freedom from Pain and Disease for all animal species.

Being part of the 515grammi family means you are contributing to this incredible cause too.

We and our bunnies, all together, hands in paws, can save the lives of many unfortunate animals!

To find out more, visit https://www.associazionebenessereanimale.it

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