BUNNY BOWL TOTALLY IN LOVE EDITION - The perfect portion of love

Type: bowl

Does your bunny have all that it needs, but you are still looking for the perfect accessory to celebrate Valentine's Day or a special event? Do you want to give an extra amount of love to your pom pom tailed friend? Would you like to make its favorite moment of the day, feeding of course ;), even sweeter?

We have what’s made for those of you who love each other madly! The Bunny Bowl - Totally in Love Edition, a concentrate of tenderness, ready to be instagrammed!
A real bunny-sized saucer that can be personalized with the name of your super hungry rabbit-love. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it promotes the correct posture of its head during the meal and helps you recognize the right amount of food for your bunny. Perfect for all lovers and for those humans who know that True Love must be cultivated every day through kind gestures. A much-loved bunny is a happy bunny... and with the Bunny Bowl - Totally in Love Edition, full bellies and wonderful photographs are (totally) guaranteed!

Esther's advice:
"You may probably wonder if your bunny will gnaw its new bowl... The answer is yes, this will most certainly happen, but it only means that your pet is enjoying its present! ;) All Bunnylovers know that it is implicit in the nature of the rabbit to discover the world through its mouth ...it is its way of learning, appreciating and making its belonging even more unique.”


  • Sizes: 15 x 15 x 2h cm
  • Materiali: wing \ materiale plastico leggero ed infrangibile è a prova di “lanci lapini”
  • Peso: 30 gr
  • Lavabile a mano ed in lavastoviglie a bassa temperatura
  • Disegnata e realizzata a Milano, la Bunny Ciotola - Totally in Love Edition è prodotta con materiali di recupero: per realizzare i nostri accessori, scegliamo solo le migliori aziende italiane e, quando è possibile, preferiamo usare materiale avanzato da lavorazioni precedenti per ridurre gli sprechi e favorire la sostenibilità ambientale.
  • Dedichiamo ciò che facciamo con amore alla coppia più speciale che ci sia: umano e coniglio ❤︎ Life Gets Better Together


Is your best friend madly in love with her little furry friend and its long, soft ears? Get her the best gift in the world with the personalized Bunny Bowl - Totally in Love Edition: she will spend all afternoons taking pictures of her bunny, looking for the perfect shot!



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