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Life Gets Better Together!

515grammi is first of all love for every creature, respect for life and happiness.

Who we are

515grammi is an Italian brand that deals with the wellness of human beings and rabbits living in the same home and does so by designing, manufacturing and selling innovative, customized and sustainable products.

Our missionis to guarantee to the human-rabbit couple a satisfying and joyful cohabitation, through product design, information, gardening and experience sharing.


What we care about is well-being, a well-being that can be shared by human and rabbit. From this Sharing Philosophy springs Human&Bunny, the first collection of Wellness Kit (approved by the vet and rabbits!) that can be completely shared with your rabbit friend.


515grammi designs, manufactures and distributes responsibly: the producers are Km0, Italian excellence, cooperatives of disabled boys and girls, or small family businesses.

The assemblies are manual (and made with love), the raw materials are certified, organic and non-treated. But it doesn't end there: every year 1% of the sales volume is donated to charity ❤︎

The colony and the BunnyLovers

"It takes an entire village to raise a child," says an ancient proverb,

and in fact the family of 515grammi it's really large!

7 rabbits, 7 designers, 1 veterinarian and 1 gardener, bring love in the house from 515 grams to almost 563 kg ...

it is true that enlarging the family is a benefit!

- Scroll down to get to know each other and discover the precious tips of the BunnyLovers -



Blue eyes, pink shades, long lashes, graceful in every movement. She is definitely the cover bunny, the one always posing, even when she's not thinking about it. Here she is nicknamed “LaFerragni” and we believe she is destined for a future as BunnyInfluencer ;-)



The first love is never forgotten, whether it is human or rabbit. ❤︎ Napoleone “carrot-top”, the hypertypical tawny, the antisocial with a bad temper. It all starts with him. 8 years of love, discoveries, attempts, hair and balls everywhere, small domestic disasters and endless satisfactions.



“I'm in charge here!” She is the undisputed queen of the colony: intelligent, determined and possessive, she has the look of an angel that makes her unsuspected. Misdeeds and raids are the order of the day and be careful not to take away her meal, because hers is not a growl, but a real roar!



A tiny alpha male, terrible and unpredictable. Fluffy appearance, suburban bully manners. Comes in, hits and dematerializes on the fly. And then you find him, crouched and dreamy, sleeping to rest from his warrior's efforts...



Tiny and black as coal, when I first picked her up I knew I was totally in love with her. This terrible dumpling seems to be spring loaded, jumping and running nonstop all day long. My satisfaction: to see her lying down in the “chickie” position with her little back paws in full view.



The sweetness made in the shape of a rabbit. She's the kiss giver, the one who never fights with any of the other rabbits. It may be the defective ear and the funny little face, when you look at her the only desire is to cuddle and stroke her to death.



Patient, generous and always ready to restore order, without this super-soft blue lop the colony would be out of control. ;-) She watches over the little pestiferous kids, bringing peace like a real mother rabbit.

"All right, we need some humans, too."

...because, whether you understand it or not, he (or she) is now the landlord. The only thing left for you to do is meet the BunnyLovers and find out what advice they have to give you.

What are you waiting for? Get ready for the most beautiful cohabitation ever!


The veterinarian

Who I am

I am Silvia Casali, vetrinarian specialized in unconventional animals. I get my degree in Milan in 2013, then I deepen my studies in medicine and surgery of exotic animals (GPCert ExAP). I collaborate with the Veterinary Clinic Modena Sud, national reference centre for the treatment of unconventional animals. My passion for the rabbit world officially began in 2007 when I was given Diablo, a dwarf rabbit to which I dedicate all my passion and love ❤︎. My desire is to spread the knowledge about these wonderful animals.

Silvia's tips

"To establish an authentic relationship the watchword is knowledge!"

• Chekup your rabbit at least twice a year

• The first examination is the most important, because it will provide you with a lot of information about rabbit health and proper rabbit management

• Choose a vet who is experienced in rabbits, don't wait to have an emergency

• Learn to observe, your rabbit says a lot more than you think

• Find activities to do with your rabbit: it's an animal that loves to have (pleasant) experiences with you

• Always leave hay and fresh water at disposal

• The rabbit, like the human, needs a balanced and varied diet


The gardener

Who I am

At the age of 13, I made a huge mistake by enrolling in accounting school. After graduation, I persevered in my mistakes by working for the web. At thirty years old, finally come to my senses, I decide that I want to be a gardener and I graduate from the Agricultural School of Monza. The characteristic that I appreciate most in animals is that "they don't care" and bring you back to the simple things: eating, sleeping, sticking to your brothers and your human being. If I make a mess by lifting sacks, the rabbits don't care. If the irrigation doesn't work, they don't care. If the apple tree dies, they don't care... because they killed it. Only a hypocrite would pretend to give a shit... and rabbits aren't hypocrites.

Davide's tips

"They come out and plant themselves in the shade, snoring. As long as they behave like that, we're doing a good job."

• Garden, balcony and pots are an opportunity for sharing, choose plants you and the rabbit like

• Protect plants you don't want to be eaten by placing them up high

• Use only natural products: organic and non-systemic

• Protect the trunks of young fruit trees from rabbit teeth by surrounding the base with wire netting

• Your rabbit is curious and all new activities attract his interest. When working in the garden pay attention to heavy objects and sharp tools



Who I am

Here I am, I'm Esther. I design for work and I love to surround myself with beauty: flowers, colors, details, rabbits ;-) I live with 7 pestiferous fur balls. 515grams is a little piece of heart, my way to repay the love I receive from these delicate and surprising creatures. Sharing the house with them, I multiplied the space for myself. Who would have ever said that when I welcomed Luna and Napoleone into my life? How many unexpected surprises and how much happiness, generously distributed... They, so small and so unaware.

Esther's tips

"Rabbits are like cherries: one leads to another."

• Your rabbit needs his own room in a quiet part of the house

• Rabbit paws are made to walk on grass. A carpet next to the kennel will be very welcome

• Rabbits are silent animals, with a very sharp ear: avoide loud music

• To remove rabbit pee stains choose natural products with an acid base

• The rabbit cage is a refuge and not a prison, use it for the right purposes and always leave it open

• Hide power cables, the rabbit "tastes" them because they are soft

• Furnish the rabbits space with complements designed for his habits. Create stimuli and hiding places, the fluffy ball will really feel at home