515grammi: il peso di un coniglio diventa un progetto innovativo

515grams: the weight of a rabbit becomes an innovative Start-up

515grams: the weight of a rabbit becomes an innovative Start-up

If 21 are the grams of the soul according to MacDougall's theory, 515 are the grams that define the weight of a rabbit and give the name to a young start up.

The creator of this innovative project dedicated to the understanding of domestic bunnies is Esther Burton who has adopted 7 rabbits. The goal is to spread the knowledge of this animal, the most given after dogs and cats, but also the most abandoned especially after Christmas.

Esther is a scenographer and interior designer and has designed a line of design products for rabbits such as hay racks, cushions, food bowls, all customizable, strictly eco-friendly and produced in Italy. According to her "beauty project", these design objects improve the human rabbit cohabitation making it easier and more pleasant to live together.

But that's not all, 515grammi produces eco-friendly household detergents and mixtures of fruit, flowers and special herbs that the human can eat by mixing them with yogurt or salads, or to make herbal teas, and that even the rabbit can eat as special snacks.

Speaking of herbal teas, here is 515grammi of Love Winter Edition with its digestive properties. This mix contains peppermint leaves, Roman chamomile flowers, cornflower petals, sweet orange pericarp, dried apple in pieces and liquorice root and is on sale online on the official website of the start up.

515grammi is therefore love and respect, all in a perspective guided by the highest principles of sustainability: from the conscious choice of materials to the selection of local suppliers and small territorial excellences.

In summary: 50% design, 50% love: 100% Human&Bunny. All of this is 515grammi.

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