Type: Urna

"On the threshold of paradise, there is a place called the Rainbow Bridge, it is here that every little friend we loved so much goes when he leaves us. In this wonderful place it's always springtime and everyone is happy because it can play, eat its favorite food, jump, run and doze in the shade of apple trees. It is here that the bunnies live waiting to cross our hand with their paw again ❤︎"

This little urn has the shape of love, is made of sweetness and smells of serenity. I dedicate it to my precious Luna. The day she left I wasn't ready...

Designed and handmade in Italy with fir wood, it can be personalized*** with the name of your irreplaceable treasure.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 13,5 x 7,5h cm
  • Materials: solid fir wood
  • Customization in digital printing
  • Weight: 200 gr

Inside the package you will also find:

  • a tube of adhesive to seal the urn.

***If you'd prefer to receive this urn neutral, indicate in the NAME field "No, thank you"



515grammi designs, manufactures and distributes responsibly: the producers are Km0, Italian excellence, cooperatives of disabled boys and girls, and small family businesses.

The assemblies are manual (and made with love), the raw materials are certified, organic and non-treated.

But it doesn't end there: every year 1% of the sales amount is donated to ABA Associazione Benessere Animale Onlus, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of animals without owner and in need of care.

We are happy to support an extraordinary association.

ABA Onlus dedicates itself to the welfare of all animals, in order to offer them a respectable and happy life:

  • Bringing life-saving veterinary care
  • Realizing concrete projects for the conservation of protected species
  • Actively collaborating with recovery centres, institutions, non-profit organisations and associations
  • Promoting the spread of a conscious and scientifically founded culture by training students, volunteers and professionals who work with animals

ABA saves the lives of animals forgotten by man since 2007 and is based on the Right to Freedom from Pain and Disease for all animal species.

Being part of the 515grammi family also means that you participate in this incredible cause.

We and our bunnies, all together, hand in hand, can save the lives of unfortunate animals!

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