Type: Giochi

Are you itching to experiment with new games with your rabbit?

Play is a time of lively sharing, and also an activity that can combine fun and learning. Offering your rabbit a stimulating toy with a few treats to nibble on is not only a loving gesture, but a great way to train his pestiferous criminal brain ;-)

Here is our brain training toy made of natural wood and roots to gnaw on. Your little one will be entertained: hide a Mixed Ball under each of the wooden blocks and he will have fun looking for them <3

We are sure that you will no longer be able to not see him busy looking for his appetizers!

The extra idea: Once you have found the original snack you can redo a game with new snacks or pieces of fresh vegetables and changing the taste of the game to your liking.

  • Made from 100% natural materials, there are no plastic or metal
  • Fun to chew, it fights the boredom of the laziest bunny
  • A 40g bag of mixed balls is included
  • Composition Vitamin balls Mixed Herbs and Flower Petals: peas, carrots (11.2%), starch, parsley, dandelion (3.5%), beetroot (2.5%), minor plantain, timothy nettle 1.7%, mazzolina grass, grass weeds, oats, red clover, meadowsweet, star grass.

When and how much, Esther's advice

"Stimulating your rabbit's intelligence is essential to helping him live in harmony with you and himself. The rabbit likes challenges, so he will go crazy with joy every time he manages to unearth the hidden prize. What are you waiting for to have fun with him?"






515grammi designs, manufactures and distributes responsibly: the producers are Km0, Italian excellence, cooperatives of disabled boys and girls, and small family businesses.

The assemblies are manual (and made with love), the raw materials are certified, organic and non-treated.

But it doesn't end there: every year 1% of the sales amount is donated to ABA Associazione Benessere Animale Onlus, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of animals without owner and in need of care.

We are happy to support an extraordinary association.

ABA Onlus dedicates itself to the welfare of all animals, in order to offer them a respectable and happy life:

  • Bringing life-saving veterinary care
  • Realizing concrete projects for the conservation of protected species
  • Actively collaborating with recovery centres, institutions, non-profit organisations and associations
  • Promoting the spread of a conscious and scientifically founded culture by training students, volunteers and professionals who work with animals

ABA saves the lives of animals forgotten by man since 2007 and is based on the Right to Freedom from Pain and Disease for all animal species.

Being part of the 515grammi family also means that you participate in this incredible cause.

We and our bunnies, all together, hand in hand, can save the lives of unfortunate animals!

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