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Organic residue (are the caecotrophs on the floor your worst nightmare ???) and unpleasant odors to get rid of? Are you looking for an organic, gentle, yet super effective kennel and house cleaning product?

We have the perfect solution for you and all the other inhabitants of the house: the organic activator spray, the ideal detergent to clean washable surfaces and fabrics from any kind of stain of organic origin. We consider it exceptional because, while it acts on organic dirt, it also eliminates the source of the bad odor.

Thanks to the action of good bacteria, allies of cleanliness, you can remove stains and clean surfaces safely, respecting animals, people and the environment. The spray dispenser and the exclusive formulation make the product perfect for daily cleaning of washable surfaces, for a home fit for Bunny and BunnyLover 😊 (but also for all other animals...) The biological activator naturally and safely degrades urine, vomit, blood, oils and fats of both animal and vegetable origin. It is perfect for daily cleaning of kennels, bedding, cages, carpeting and upholstery. This product is harmless and its use contributes to a biologically balanced and healthier environment ❤️.

The organic activator spray, made exclusively for 515grams, comes from a study of natural cleaning needs and the passion and experience of an Italian company that has made organic cleaning its mission. The product is not tested on animals and contains only high quality natural ingredients, dissolves even the most hostile stains and deodorizes, leaving surfaces protected and clean.

Organic Activator Spray is veterinarian recommended and rabbit approved!

Product to be used on washable surfaces, without rinsing, except on resins, wood, marble or other natural stones. Our advice, however, is to complete the cleaning of particularly delicate surfaces by removing any traces of product with a microfiber cloth moistened with water. 

Esther's advice:

"The spray activator is a godsend if your bunny is squishing blinds on the floor. Remember when you find them dry in the corner he's chosen as his daytime bed? Here, this product is what you've been looking for to remove them effortlessly. You'll just need to leave it to act for a few minutes together under a piece of wet paper. I also suggest that after you have carefully cleaned the litter box and kennel, you spray the biological activator on the cleaned surfaces. Bacteria will awaken in contact with liquids and attack your little friend's pee ;-) Finally, since we are all lovers of sustainability here, I ask you please do not waste the product unnecessarily, use only the amount needed. Remember that every gesture we make, even the smallest, helps create a clean future for those we love and those yet to come."


The bottle has a spray dispenser and contains 750ml of product. Keep out of reach of children.

Plastic packaging, dispose of responsibly.


515grammi designs, manufactures and distributes responsibly: the producers are Km0, Italian excellence, cooperatives of disabled boys and girls, and small family businesses.

The assemblies are manual (and made with love), the raw materials are certified, organic and non-treated.

But it doesn't end there: every year 1% of the sales amount is donated to ABA Associazione Benessere Animale Onlus, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of animals without owner and in need of care.

We are happy to support an extraordinary association.

ABA Onlus dedicates itself to the welfare of all animals, in order to offer them a respectable and happy life:

  • Bringing life-saving veterinary care
  • Realizing concrete projects for the conservation of protected species
  • Actively collaborating with recovery centres, institutions, non-profit organisations and associations
  • Promoting the spread of a conscious and scientifically founded culture by training students, volunteers and professionals who work with animals

ABA saves the lives of animals forgotten by man since 2007 and is based on the Right to Freedom from Pain and Disease for all animal species.

Being part of the 515grammi family also means that you participate in this incredible cause.

We and our bunnies, all together, hand in hand, can save the lives of unfortunate animals!

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